Methamphetamine decontamination

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Okay, so you have received the results from your meth test and your property has come up with a non-negative reading, what happens now? The media has told us all that this is bad, bad news for your property and that you will need a small fortune to fix the problem.

Not all is lost

we have extensive knowledge of methamphetamine contaminations and understand that every case is different. Our approach to this work is to understand what has occurred in the property before deciding on how extreme the recovery needs to be. In the majority of situations a non-negative reading is the result of a user being in the property rather than the cooking of methamphetamine, therefor the decontamination is not as extensive as the removal of floor/wall coverings, kitchen cabinetry etc.

We are not shy to share our knowledge with you and we urge you to pick up the phone and talk with us before committing to a drastic deconstruction of your property. Our assessments are free and our aim is to provide you with an honest overview of your contamination and to help you understand what is happening to your investment.

meth contamination

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Meth Decontamination

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